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Spanish construction industry set to grow 7.8% in 2018

Spanish construction industry set to grow 7.8% in 2018

July 26, 2018

Growth in Spain’s residential construction industry, driven by the rising demand for housing, leads to projected increased activity in the Spanish construction sector. 


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Rising demand for Spanish residential property is driving growth in the construction industry


Continued growth in demand for Spanish property and the subsequent expansion in the residential construction industry is predicted to lead to a 7.8% increase in activity within the general construction industry in Spain in 2018 according to the consultancy firm DBK.

Turnover within the sector, which has already recorded a 6.6% rise in employment in the first quarter of 2018, is forecast to reach 112,902 million euros this year. Alongside this growth in activity within the civil engineering sector is also expected increase in the short to mid-term.

The report goes on to predict sustained increases in construction work carried out overseas by larger Spanish companies, which accounted for over 25% of all industry turnover in 2017.