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Public Wavegarden to open in the Costa del Sol in 2020

Public Wavegarden to open in the Costa del Sol in 2020

January 1, 2019

Plans have been announced to open a public Wavegarden in the Costa del Sol in 2020 – news that will no doubt delight the province’s surfing enthusiasts and bring many more to the region. 


Wavegarden surf pool in Alhaurin de La Torre, Costa del Sol

The Wavegarden in Alhaurin de la Torre on the Costa del Sol will be able to generate up to 1,000 waves per hour along its 2.2 hectares


The Basque company Wavegarden, a pioneer and world leader in the design and construction of wave pools, will open a new public surfing center in Alhaurín de la Torre (Costa del Sol) in 2020. This wavepool will offer Andalusian surfing fans and visitors the possibility of enjoying waves every day of the year. The good news was confirmed by Josema Odriozola, founder and CEO of Wavegarden at a press conference with the mayor and other municipal authorities of the Andalusian town which lies just a few kilometres from the coast.

“We are very happy to open Spain’s first public Wavegarden installation in Andalusia,” said Josema Odriozola.” Andalusia has a huge population of surfers and many people who would like to learn how to surf, and we are confident that our technology will meet everyone’s expectations”

“We want this facility to be a world reference at a time when surfing has become an Olympic sport,” he added. In this regard, the entrepreneur stressed that “with the inclusion of surfing at the Tokyo 2020 Games, the Wavegarden in Costa del Sol will have the opportunity to support the Spanish surf team in the preparation of their campaign, and to offer privileged facilities for the training of selections from other countries, regional federations and professional teams.”

Thanks to the new Wavegarden Cove technology, suitable for smaller spaces and with a higher wave frequency than previous ones, the Costa del Sol pool will be able to generate up to 1,000 waves per hour along its 2.2 hectares. There will be several waves of different sizes and powers, for the enjoyment of 90 surfers simultaneously.

The installation of the pool minimizes the environmental impact with maximum energy efficiency. Wavegarden Cove produces waves based on the number of users and uses electric motors of high energy efficiency that transform part of the movement of the wave into electricity that is used for water treatment. In addition, the lagoon will be integrated into the irrigation system of the area and will not consume more than would be lost through evaporation.

Currently there are two Wavegarden wave pools open to the public, Surf Snowdonia in Wales (United Kingdom), and Nland in Austin (Texas), which receive more than 150,000 visitors per year. By 2019, new facilities are planned to open in Melbourne (Australia) and Bristol (United Kingdom).

The arrival of Wavegarden to the Costa del Sol is excellent news for the surfers of this province, which is not known for having a high frequency of waves, but also for the rest of Andalucia. The good communications of Malaga with the rest of Andalusian capitals will allow the arrival of surfers from the whole community.