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Airbnb eliminates 18,000 unregistered Andalusian tourist homes

Airbnb eliminates 18,000 unregistered Andalusian tourist homes

November 1, 2018

From the beginning of October the platform has only published registered properties in Andalucía, reducing the number of holiday homes advertised in the region to 40,800.


Airbnb has deactivated 30% of all holiday homes advertised in Andalucía, with further platforms set to follow suit


As of the first of October 2018 the giant of vacation rentals; Airbnb only advertises tourist homes in Andalucía that comply with the regulations of the region and has an accredited registration number. This process has lead the platform has eliminate 18,000 advertisements for tourist accommodation in Andalucía, leaving the Airbnb community in the region reduced to just 40,800.

The screening is a lethal blow to those offering holiday accommodation illegally in the region, who no longer have a place on one of the largest platforms for holiday rentals. According to Airbnb “This unique agreement provides hosts, present and future, with the security and clarity they need to share their home responsibly”.

Although the platform does not offer data by provinces, the statistics of the Tourism Registry of Andalusia points to a high concentration of this type of business being on the Costa del Sol, a destination that accounts for more than half of the tourist housing offered throughout the whole of the region. The latest figures amounted to 24,342 apartments rented to tourists registered in the province of Malaga.

Of the 18,000 unregistered properties that have been deactivated, almost half had not had any reservations in the last year, the remainder operated normally, despite not complying with the Andalusian rental laws. Hence the importance of the initiative carried out by Airbnb to remove the illegally advertised homes from the market.

On October 1 the platform signalled their commitment to the tourist rental laws in Andalucía, stating that “After the creation of a simplified on-line registration system, we have deactivated the advertisements that, as of September 30, did not include a registration number in accordance with the Andalusian tourism law”. Following this process some 40,800 advertisements for Andalusian tourist properties remain on the platform, of these almost 80% of owners have only one property advertised and only 2% has more than five.

Further platforms including HomeAway, Rentalia, and Niumba, who between them advertise more than 60,000 holiday homes in Andalucía warned that they will also request the mandatory registration to advertise new holiday homes in the region. This is another step towards ending the illegal offer of tourist homes in Andalucía and to encourage the registration of properties that operate in this business, all while the Government announces “concrete actions” to create a new state framework for this sector by the end of the year.

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