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Tax authorities clampdown on undeclared holiday rental owners

Tax authorities clampdown on undeclared holiday rental owners

March 23, 2018

The Spanish tax authorities clampdown on undeclared income from holiday rentals continued last year with over 136,000 holiday home owners contacted.


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The tax authorities contacted 136,000 holiday rental home owners in 2017


According to the Hacienda up to 136,600 Spanish property owners who advertise through holiday rental platforms such as AirBnB were contacted and warned they should declare any income generated.

Compared to the 21,500 holiday home owners contacted in 2016 this marks a significant increase and a warning to owners that they can no longer assume that they can avoid the obligation to pay taxes on income generated through holiday rentals.

Last years measures generated an additional 14,792 million euros revenue in taxes from owners who failed to declare rental income, a 35% increase compared to 2013’s figures and some indications as to why the Hacienda are taking the issue of non-declaration so seriously.

The decision by the Hacienda to target holiday home rental websites less than three years ago yet in that time declared rental income has increased 40% reaching 522 million euros.

Some 26,000 holiday rentals have been registered in Andalucía since February 2016 when the Junta de Andalucía launched the new holiday rental license, which covers the Costa del Sol, in an effort to standardise the holiday rental industry and clampdown on undeclared holiday rental properties.